Zaveta Custom Homes

Zaveta Custom Homes provides for an inclusive and comprehensive building experience to our client base. We have the uncanny ability to draw from our tremendously skilled and diversified in-house staff of artisans and technical experts, hence, allowing us to expeditiously assist our high profile client base effectively. After 36 years of facilitating start-to-finish specialty construction projects, we have seen that many times our client base shares similiar requirements, they are:

  1. Time: Everyone’s schedule is inundated with countless business obligations, and their restrictive timelines are further burden by critically important real-life family obligations. As such, their time is every bit as valuable as the monetary investment which they are putting forth for their new residence.
  2. Cost and Value: Appropriate new construction and related finishes in today’s economy are inherently expensive. All of our clients are unequivocally seeking to find balance between exclusive quality and cost. Our responsibility is to assist the client in navigating through the evaluation process in ascertaining quality at a budget which they choose to invest. We work tirelessly in providing appropriate recommendations and designs as to assure our clients are receiving the best return on their investment.
  3. Methodology of Home Acquisition: We do not just sell you a home, we work with your financial advisor, private banker, or financial strategist as to determine what is the most prudent method for you to acquire your new residence. The recommendation are predicated on you realizing the maximum tangible acquisition strategy benefit. We provide an in-depth analysis of the benefits utilizing traditional turn-key purchase vs. land acquisitions and subsequent construction. We have a short list of lending professionals that are accustom to orchestrating loan portfolios tailored to your particular scenario. We have no financial benefit reciprocated to us from these lender affiliations. As such, our recommendations and endorsements are specifically predicated on their performance, not a commission or referral.

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design Website

Today’s kitchens require extensive planning, sketches, renderings, and sorting through a myriad of technical devices and appliances that require a critical and cohesive presence. Procuring the appropriate level of customization and financial investment is a specialty of Bucks County Cabinetry & Design.

Signature Kitchens

Bucks County Cabinetry & Design is a full service organization that represents high-end national distributed kitchen brands. Our millwork division has the capability to design and shop build all of the kitchen components which are then finished at our in-house fully staffed finishing facility.

Historic Renovations


Throughout the course of the year, we are often requested to partake in historic restorations and complete site revitalizations as our clients may direct. Several of our staff members, especially enjoy employing their expertise amidst these significant projects. The in-house capabilities of our diversified staff coupled with their passion for historic structures provide us with tremendous capability in dealing with the many complex and, on occasion, unforeseen challenges that this specific work requires.

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Zaveta Excavation


We maintain Zaveta Excavation, a full-service excavation company. Our field office is located on Route 611 in Ottsville which provides us with a centrally located commercial / industrial base to operate from. There are many excavation companies throughout the area of which most specialize in moving large quantities of earth expeditiously. This is a good approach until you are working amidst an environmentally sensitive features that our premier home sites are accustom to providing for. As such, when we clear a lot, it bares limited resemblance to today’s typical clearing operation. Trees are cut and removed individually and selectively after careful means have been administered as to not damage the irreplaceable specimens of others which will remain on the building site.


Top soil is carefully segregated and protected from sub-soil as to ensure when it is time to install the lawn, the lawn is actually planted in an appropriate seed bed as to oppose to the classic builder grade clay and shale mix.

Our operators are skilled in artfully creating natural boulder and rock retaining walls in lieu of the ever popular pre-manufactured wall systems that are probably most suited for our commercial endeavors.


Zaveta Home Services


We created our home services group predicated on our clients’ request for continued routine maintenance and service after the original home warranty had concluded. Throughout the building process, and further amidst the warranty period of their new home, our client base developed a level of expectation of the tradesmen performing services for them, which they have had become accustom through their Zaveta home-building experience. As such, we had received numerous requests to continue to provide long-term, preventive maintenance and further accommodate additions, modifications, into the future.

At this time, Zaveta Home Services is a fully-staffed organization that not only provides our client base with continued services but further offers our proprietary services amidst the general marketplace.

Zaveta Millwork

Zaveta Millwork
Zaveta Millwork Specialties consist of seven skilled cabinet-makers as well as unparalleled finishers. This group has the capability and resources to design, construct, and expertly finish as well as install any wood products ranging from historic reproduction interiors, through extensive custom case work, and specific fine furniture as commissioned by our clients.

Zaveta Millwork

The following is a listing of the virtues that differentiate us from many quality cabinet shops in the area:

  • In-house design with unparalleled graphic artist renderings as to ensure client approval prior to commencement
  • In-house craftsman versed in all disciplines of wood working with extensive access to specialty select wood species
  • Finishes are custom blended under the clients direction at our facility
  • The finishing process takes place at our finish shop which utilizes state of the art spray booth environment, hence, facilitating repetitive quality and consistency
  • The installation is performed by our skilled staff; as such, their installation coincides with the designer and cabinet maker’s intent. This comprehensive team approach provides for the ultimate consistency in a true built-in presentation limiting conversion jointery and providing for a seamless presence.

Zaveta Millwork

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