Family First

Our story dates back to the 1970s when founder Richard D. Zaveta Jr. spent summers working at his father’s tightly-knit, 12-person construction company. There he was brought up with old school training, learning a start-to-finish, in-house homebuilding methodology that resulted in consistent quality finishes. In 1978, Rich started Zaveta, a Bucks County custom home builder committed to an exceptional customer experience, impeccable design and build services, and ultimately, doing the right thing.

Now with his son Travis guiding the organization through today’s ever changing regulatory compliance obligations, Rich has seen the company grow to directly employ over 65 dedicated professionals and build a portfolio of satisfied clients.

Our Team

From project management and design to construction, millwork, and maintenance, our team of professionals are masters of their craft. And they stick around: the average tenure at Zaveta is 15 years with many staff members working with the company for 30+ years. With decades of custom home building experience, these are the names and faces you will come to know.

Rich Zaveta

Owner, President

Travis Hutchison


Clayton Fisher

Custom Homes Foreman

Matt Hedrick

Home Services Foreman

Shawn Reshetar

Custom Homes Foreman

Zach Reshetar

Home Services Foreman

John Schumann

Custom Homes Foreman

Joe Waldron

Custom Homes Foreman

Home Services

Beyond custom design and build, we provide our clients with true peace of mind. From maintenance to future additions, there’s no better home service option than the people who built and know your home.

We created our home services group predicated on our clients’ request for continued routine maintenance and service after the original home warranty had concluded. Throughout the building process, and further amidst the warranty period of their new home, our client base have developed a level of expectation of the tradesmen performing services for them, which they have become accustomed to through their Zaveta home-building experience. As such, we have received numerous requests to continue to provide long-term, preventative maintenance and further accommodate additions and modifications into the future.

At this time, Zaveta Home Services is a fully-staffed organization that not only provides our client base with continued services but further offers our proprietary services amidst the general marketplace.

Build With Us

Building a new home is an experience. For more than 40 years, we have made it our mission to craft an experience that is personable, thoughtful, adaptable and predictable. We work tirelessly to build and maintain trust with our clients through open communication and transparency.

We listen. We respond. We solve.

We blend our expertise with your vision to achieve a living reality.

Let’s start the journey.